Every January: Crazy Talk and People Invade the Gym

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You’ve probably noticed that—now more than any other time of year—the gym is packed. As a people-watcher myself, I’ve long enjoyed the gym for its entertainment value.

Seriously, where else do you see so many characters from all kinds of backgrounds packed into one room, sweating it out? It’s like a human social experiment every time you go. I was recently talking to one of my gal pals (a fellow gym-people-watcher) who suggested that we all share our all-time funniest and most random gym memories. I thought it was an awesome idea.

So we have developed the Twitter hashtag #HeardAtGym for you all to share your funniest, craziest and most “say wha?” gym moments. Maybe you heard just one hilarious line in a conversation or a gentleman was crowing on the elliptical or you saw something really crazy like this, we want to hear your most entertaining health-club stories!

Now what we do NOT want to do here is straight-up make fun of people—especially people who are new to the gym or are just beginning their weight-loss journeys. The gym is already intimidating enough, so be friendly, not judgmental.

After all, we are all on this journey together. Instead, this is a chance for us to share just how unique of a place the gym can be—and encourage us to keep going, even if there are a lot of characters there!

Don’t have a Twitter account? No worries! Feel free to share your craziest gym moments in the comments! —Jenn


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