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Courtney Love Sends Daughter Bizarre Messages on Twitter

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Has Hole frontwoman Courtney Love lost it again?!

Courtney Love was feeling nostalgic on Mother's Day when she reached out to her estranged daughter Frances Bean, 18, in an open -- and bizarre -- letter on Twitter.

The series of tweets -- which read like drunken free association -- began at 6 AM EST and started out normal enough.

Love wrote, ".... bean i saw you at coachella with isaihia in a pic he looks sweet and like your dad actually. hope alls well."

However, her tweets quickly turned defensive as she wrote, "Sorry to state this publically but i wont stand accused of such implications or tolerate making 3 on worst mothers list. thanks to this, no."

Love's one-hour rant included a whopping 35 tweets, during which she apologized repeatedly for using Twitter to contact the daughter she'd lost custody of in 2009 (due to claims made by late husband Kurt Cobain's family stating that she was an unfit mother).

The trigger behind Love's outburst was apparently a photo she saw of Frances holding hands with her boyfriend backstage at last month's Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

At times, Love dished out relationship advice, tweeting, "and if as a MAN he doesnt treat you like the GOddess you ARE. cut it, lastly i miss you more than anyone has ever missed much .... i know what kind of boy youve always liked, and im afraid of you falling into the trap of simply being worshipped and not having an equal."

Love then turned remorseful, apologizing to Frances "for not marrying E." Reports speculate that she was referring to her former engagement to actor Edward Norton in the '90s.

At other times, she was downright spiritual. "i pray everyday you will chant again, & find your way back to the law of cause & affect and be wise enough to see our karma &transform it," she tweeted.

The rest of her musings were completely unintelligible. (You can read the full transcript here.)

This is not the first time that Love has publicly reached out to her daughter. In 2009, she wrote a typo-ridden wall post on Facebook, warning her daughter not to become the next Jamie Lynn Spears (who became pregnant at age 17).

After her rant, Love chalked up her outburst to a "Twitter relapse" and declined to comment further.


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