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Court Rules Doctor was Right to Amputate Phillip Seaton's Penis Without Permission

Dr. John Patterson amputated Phillip Seaton's cancerous penis during an adult circumcision procedure in 2007. In response, Seaton (pictured) and his wife Deborah sued Dr. Patterson in 2008 in Shelby County Circuit Court in Kentucky.

The Seatons claimed that Phillip Seaton never gave permission for the cancer surgery, reports the Associated Press.

However, the Kentucky Court of Appeals recently upheld an earlier court ruling that Seaton had given his consent to all necessary medical procedures prior to the circumcision.

Dr. Patterson claims that he performed the amputation because Seaton had an advanced case of squamous cell carcinoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer.

The Seatons sued the hospital, where the procedure took place. The hospital settled with the Seatons for an undisclosed amount, but Dr. Patterson fought the couple in court.

The Seatons claim that Dr. Patterson should have consulted with either of them before proceeding, or allowed them to consult with another physician.

However, the court agreed with Dr. Patterson that the cancer was widespread and the procedure needed to be done at the time of the circumcision.

Judge Janet Stumbo wrote the court’s decision, which said in part:  “Uncontested testimony in the record [stated] that if Mr. Seaton were not treated for the penile cancer, it would prove fatal in the future.”

Dr. Patterson’s attorney Clay Robinson said the court's opinion was “very well-reasoned” and "well-researched."


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