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Couple Will Sell Their Family Home To Save Daughter's Life

An English family is in a race against the clock to save their cancer stricken daughter's life who may not make it to Christmas. In an effort to save her, the Lea family will have to sell their home to afford the costly therapy needed by their sick daughter.

Doctors diagnosed 7-year-old Frankie-Rose Lea with a rare brain tumor in August. Her tumor has tripled in size since starting conventional therapy, and now her family is looking for another option.

Doctors say that her best chance of surviving is by undergoing proton beam therapy in the U.S. The therapy will cost the family £160,000, which amounts to about $200,365.

Michelle and Sam Lea are now putting their home up for sale to pay for the therapy. Though their property is worth just over $275,000, they are listing it at $212,000 in an effort to attract quick buyers. The Leas have two other children, Alfie and Freddie, who will have to move into a smaller apartment once they sell the house and are without a home.

The mother believes this is their only way to get the funds needed saying: “We are desperate. Right now all we can think about is getting Frankie to America for the treatment she needs to survive. We will live in a box if we need to as long as we are together."

Doctors had initially misdiagnosed Frankie-Rose in May when her family brought her in. She had been complaining about aches in her legs, but doctors just wrote it off as growing pains. Michelle kept bringing Frankie-Rose to the doctors, but they kept telling her the same thing – growing pains.

It wasn’t until the sixth visit that a neurological test hinted at something more, when the doctor advised the mother to bring her to the hospital for an MRI scan.

The following week, a biopsy revealed that the mass on Frankie-Rose’s brain was cancerous, and in August, the parents were told that the daughter’s rare nature of the high grade of Astrocytoma gilioma would make it hard to predict how she would respond to treatment.

The chemotherapy Frankie-Rose has undergone has proved to be ineffective as her tumor has tripled in size since starting it. Now experts have advised the Leas that proton beam therapy may be her last chance at surviving.

The family has set up a donation page, and as of Nov. 14 they have raised just under $60,000 to go towards the therapy. Donations can be made at

Sources: The Mirror, Daily Mail, Go Fund Me / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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