Groom Looks Completely Different After Losing 98 Pounds Before The Wedding (Photo)

Fed up with their weight, high school sweethearts Matt and Hannah Bradley managed to drop a combined 133 pounds by the day of their wedding.

After Matt popped the question and the two began to plan their wedding, the British couple decided to treat their bodies better. Matt, who works as a chef and would constantly graze at work, weighed 258 pounds. Hannah was overweight as well.

By planning their meals and adding more vegetables to their diet, the couple managed to lose a combined 133 pounds. Matt took up running and eventually completed a 10K distance race.

At his next doctor’s appointment, the staff didn’t even recognize Matt at his new weight of 160 pounds. Hannah had also lost 40 pounds.

The two are obviously proud of their accomplishment and have vowed never to lose sight of their priorities again.

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Sources: Mirror, Elite Daily


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