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Couple Claims Their Baby Is Biggest In California History at 16 Pounds

A California couple says they gave birth to the biggest baby in the state’s history. At 16 pounds, Sammisano Otuhiva may actually make the golden state’s record books, and his mother Sosefina Tagalu says that is could have something to do she and her husband’s ethnicities.

“You put that together, yeah, we make big babies, but we didn’t know it was going to be this big,” said Tagalu. “I kind of turned my head to the scale. I was shocked.”

Sammisano was born in August, and nowadays, he is much bigger than any other baby his age. His parents say that they get frustrated when news outlets report that other, smaller California babies that are the biggest in the state’s history.

“14 pounds from Modesto, 15 from L.A., they said was a record,” said Pava Otuhiva, the baby’s father. “We’re just setting the record straight (about) who carries the title… Sammisano!”

The family is researching to see whether or not their son really is the biggest baby in the state’s history.

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