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Couple 'Spooked' By Mysterious Face In Ultrasound (Photos)

Pregnancy can be a trying time for couples, but it can be especially stressful when complications arise.

Yvonne Spence and John Reynolds, a couple from Motherwell, Scotland, are expecting a son. Spence suffered from back pain and began to experience contractions at the six-month mark, the Mirror reported.

Worried about their son's movement, the couple decided to go in for a checkup during the week of Sept. 14, when Spence was at just over 30 weeks. Other than some extra fluid, everything was normal -- except a mysterious image in the ultrasound.

"We never noticed anything until we got home and looked at the scan picture, as we were more concerned everything was OK with baby,” Reynolds said.

“You can clearly see the face of a young man in the scan picture," he added. "We can not explain this — and are spooked by it!”

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While the couple doesn’t think the image looks like anyone they know, it’s not uncommon for faces to show up in ultrasounds, prenatal or otherwise. An ultrasound of a Canadian man’s testicular tumor looked like an agonized face, NBC News reported in 2011.

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Sources: NBC News, Mirror / Photo credit: via Mirror, NBC News


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