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The Cory Pingeton Sucker Punch: An Analysis

Opposing Views has reported on a nasty sucker punch thrown inside the hallowed halls of Franklin High School in Franklin, Massachusetts. Here's what we know:

1. The sucker punch victim was 18-year-old Cory Pingeton. He's pictured at left with his badly bruised left eye.

2. The puncher is facing possible assault and battery charges, which we applaud, while police are looking for the guy who video taped the sucker punch.

But let's dig a little deeper into this strange sucker punch by watching the video (below).

First off, why is Cory Pingeton walking so oddly? It doesn't appear like he's looking down at a phone, which would explain why his head is so dramatically bowed. So if he's not looking down at a phone, why is walking so slumped over? Head hanging, It looks like he's just been given terrible news. Well, I have a theory.

News reports say Cory and the unnamed puncher had already been involved in a "trash-talking" dispute. In fact, police officers believe the reason for the assault is because the suspect thought the victim was talking “trash” about him.

As any American high school kid can tell you, if you know there's somebody in school who has mouthed off or potentially wants a piece of you, you better have your head on a swivel. You better be ready for a confrontation. Well, Cory Pingeton certainly does not have his head on a swivel. Nor does he look ready for a confrontation.

Yet you'll notice the guy who throws the punch doesn't come out of nowhere. He's not hiding behind something. He's standing right in front of Cory in plain view. Thus, my guess is that Cory saw the puncher before the punch was thrown and -- based on his body language -- tried to slink by without any recognition. Cory didn't want anything to do with this puncher. He was intimidated by him and just wanted to get past him quickly and without incident.

So was it a sucker punch? Absolutely. Was it unexpected? Yes. But did the attack happen completely out of nowhere? I'm not so sure.

Second observation. Nobody is talking about the "bystander" kid who is standing in the hall, three feet from Cory, when he's floored. Let's look at his bizarre non-reaction. When Cory is decked, this kid to the left does not react in any way, shape or form. It's as if he expected it to happen. And that's my point. I'm very suspicious of this kid. It's as if he knew the punch would be thrown ahead of time. And please don't give me this excuse: Hey, he's looking at the phone and he didn't notice. A normal reaction would have been: Oh, my God, what just happened? What the hell was that all about? Are you OK? Who threw that punch? You'd be down on your knees, seeing if the kid was alright. Unless people are getting knocked out with jaw-busting punches every day at Franklin High School, you would at least look up when somebody crashes to the floor only two feet away. But not this kid. He doesn't even notice. Fishy.

Lastly, the videotape itself. The puncher obviously knows he's done something illegal -- right away. He throws the punch and immediately flees. Was this exit planned? It certainly looks like it is. He's cool, calm, collected and walks right for the door without hesitation. So you mean to tell me you planned this whole thing out -- including your exit -- but you are dumb enough to have somebody videotape your crime?

Bottom line: There is some very odd behavior going on in this video. Let's look at it here:


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