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Cop Jonathan Josey Thought He Was 'Swiping Corona' When Punching Woman (Video)

After last September's Puerto Rican Day parade in Philadelphia, former Police Officer Lt. Jonathan Josey was caught on video (below) walking after Aida Guzman and punching her with enough force to knock the 40-year-old mom to the ground.

Josey was fired from his job and charged with simple assault after the Sept. 30 video went viral.

Although it looked like an open-and-shut case, Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge Patrick F. Dugan recently said he "needed more time to digest this," after a three-hour non-jury trial.

According to, Judge Dugan said he would announce his verdict on Feb. 26.

During his trial, Josey told Judge Dugan that "the video looks disturbing. But obviously, it's not what it appears to be."

Josey testified that he thought Guzman had thrown beer on him, although Josey admitted he didn't actually see her do it.

Josey said he approached Guzman from behind and tried to "swipe" a bottle of Corona beer from her hand.

"I was kind of shocked when I saw her go to the ground," Josey testified. "I didn't expect to come into contact with her face or anything else."

Guzman, who sustained several injuries, testified that she never threw beer although she admitted to shooting a can of "silly string" over the crowd.

Guzman said she was splashed with beer and decided to leave. As she walked away, Guzman said that she was suddenly knocked to the ground and heard a voice say: "That's what you get for throwing liquid, water, at police."

Josey issued Guzman a citation for disorderly conduct, but the District Attorney's office dismissed the charge against Guzman and charged Josey with simple assault.



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