Cop Is Bitten, Gets Hepatitis C, Gives To Wife, She Dies


Truman Bradshaw was working as a cop in Blue Mound, Texas, in 1984 when he was bitten by a drunk suspect.

Bradshaw told WFAA in 2010 that he tried to clean the wound himself with peroxide. Feeling sick, he went to the hospital four days after being bitten and was told by doctors that he contracted Hepatitis C.

While it is rare, it is possible to get Hepatitis C through a bite. The transmission is similar to an animal getting rabies from a bite.

Bradshaw almost died in 2010 because the Hepatitis C virus permanently damaged his liver and caused cirrhosis; he also had stage IV liver cancer. Bradshaw received a desperately-needed liver transplant at the Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Texas in 2010, according to a GoFundMe he created to raise money for his wife's funeral.

However, when Bradshaw was first diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1984, he says doctors told him his wife Ophelia could not contract it from sexual relations with him. However, on April 8 his wife died from the disease.

"She was unable to get a liver transplant because of her aggressive Hep C and ended up being a diabetic," Bradshaw recently told KTVT. "She had kidney disease as well and was on dialysis. This past Friday night she passed away."

"We were both were on a fixed income and had about $13 after we had paid our bills for the month. I am going to have to be moving and take a drastic step downwards," Bradshaw added. "The worst part about all this, is I will have to go on without my wife. The personal items don’t make a difference to me but my wife is gone."

On Bradshaw's GoFundMe page, he writes:

Being a ex police officer that had to retire at 49 yrs old because of the hepatitis C virus and the side effects of it. I feel sad that my job to protect and serve the public with low paying income took the most important thing from me. My wife was innocent person who was a crime victim by a drunk man she never had seen.

Please find in your heart to help me bury my beautiful and loving wife. She was only doing her job of being a wife of a first responder just doing his job. All I wanted to do was make sure the drunk was safe from injuring himself or others. I loved being a police officer but never wanted to cause any harm to my wife, kids and myself.

Sources: KTVT, WFAA, Truman Bradshaw/GoFundMe / Photo credit: Truman Bradshaw/GoFundMe

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