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Cool Tech: The Vending Machine that Won't Serve Kids

It's tough being a kid, and now there is a smart vending machine that is programmed not to serve children.

The Daily Mail reports on the iSample vending machine, which Kraft is using to dole out free samples of its new Temptations jelly. The dessert is being marketed to adults, and Kraft is using the newest technology to keep it out of the hands of kids.

The vending machine uses a biometric scanner to "read" the faces of people standing in front of it. The scanner is able to determine the age of the person, and if that person is old enough, they get a free sample.

Kraft is quick to point out, "It cannot identify an individual, no images are stored, and no personal information is collected."

The company has two machines set up at New York City's South Street Seaport and Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. So head on down there for your free sample -- if you are of a certain age. 


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