Cool Medical iPhone Apps Include Drug Encyclopedia

The best thing about the iPhone and iPad are the cool apps. I am learning about new ones all the time but here are a few medical apps that I like, and I think they are all free.

  • Lose it!  This is a great app for dieters. It is easy to use and intuitive, and you can track your caloric intake and exercise. Just set your goal and how many calories you want to eat a day, and it maps out how long it will take you to get there.
  • EyeChart  I've never had the chance to use it with patients, but it looks like it would work well.
  • Speed Bones Lite (Quiz)For those of us who still like to test ourselves on anatomy. Name the bones while the clock is ticking. I do pretty well on this one!
  • PoWorkout   A cool app that takes you through an entire fitness workout with video on how to do it right and info on what muscle groups are working. Abs, cardio, total body. It's all here.
  • MPR  This app has a lot of drug information, prescribing, doses, interactions arranged by organ system or with a simple search function. It's better than carrying around a PDR, and easier for me to use than Epocrates, which requires me to sign in each time I want to look something up.
  • ICD9pcp  I love this app. I'm constantly having to look up ICD9 codes, and this really helps me out.
  • Fluid  Just a cool little app that calms me down.
  • Bump  What's not to like about an app that allows you to exchange contact information by just bumping phones?
  • AwesmFacts If you like trivia, you will like this app.
  • Merck Manual Home Edition  Curious about a symptom or a medical term you heard?  you can find everything in the Merck Manual. Treatments for injuries and emergencies are all here.

Please let me know about your favorite apps...medical or not.


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