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Convicted Felon Chris Oberender, Who Killed Mother When He Was 14 and Spent Time in Mental Hospital, Was Able to Get Gun License, Purchase 15 Guns

A man who killed his mother when he was only 14 years old and then admitted to a mental hospital was able to buy 15 guns after his release due to sloppy background checks.

Thirty-two-year-old Chris Oberender, an inarguably very dangerous individual, was arrested after posting photos of his gun collection on Facebook. A Minnesota sheriff recognized Oberender’s name and cross-checked the Facebook profile to confirm it was the same individual. Oberender was arrested for buying illegal firearms as a convicted felon.

The sheriff, Jim Olson, recognized the name because Oberender’s murder case was one of his firsts as a young detective.

“He can’t have guns,” Olson told CBS, explaining his concern when he found out Oberender had been able to acquire firearms. “Chris Oberender should not have guns.”

Oberender followed Minnesota laws in order to get a gun permit in 2011, which was approved due to incomplete court files about Oberender’s criminal past.

What authorities have found most chilling about the situation, however, is the note they found in Oberender’s home, written by him to his dead mother.

“I am so homicide. What is wrong with me. I think about killing all the time,” the note read.

Gun permits can be issued in the cases of incomplete court records, and cannot be withheld if the court is unorganized, as was the case in Oberender’s purchases. Currently, 168,000 Minnesotans have been issued permits without complete background checks because of incomplete court records.

The Obama administration is currently attempting to instate universal background checks for all who wish to purchase guns, which has faced extreme partisan opposition, especially from the NRA. But, when 15 guns can get into the hands of individuals like Oberender who thinks ‘about killing all the time’, it’s difficult to argue against the safety measures the background checks would impose. 


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