Conservatives' New Health Conspiracy: Hillary's Stools


A new health conspiracy theory featuring the hashtag #HillarysStools has been trending this week on Twitter.

The theory is not centered around bowel movements, but rather Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's use of some wooden stools at speaking events, which is supposedly a sign of a mysterious health problem., a pro-Trump conspiracy site run by Alex Jones that has raised wild questions about Clinton's health in the past, noted several of the tweets on Aug. 17:

"When a stool isn't available, Hillary uses a Secret Service agent to help her stand."

"Hillary always has a #leaningstool nearby. #hillarysstools. She cannot stay standing."

"Is #Hillaryshealth the reason that she needs a stool everywhere she goes? #HillarysStools."

"You can’t stand up to ISIS when you’re busy sitting down! #HillarysHealth."

"Every pic of Sick Hillary shows a leaning stool near. She can't stand for long. (Look to the left.) #HillarysStools."

"This is a full-on BAR CHAIR. #HillarysStools."

"Always sitting down. Can't stand under her own power."

On the other side of the political aisle, Dr. Jennifer Gunter wrote on op-ed in The Huffington Post on Aug. 17 in which she questioned a December 2015 letter by Dr. Harold Bornstein that featured a glowing medical review of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Gunter noted that Bornstein used a non-working website (place holder) in the letterhead and a Gmail address, which she said "is not a secure method of communication, so most doctors don’t want to use it for medical information."

According to Gunter, the letter started off with a grammatical error ("To Whom My Concern") and included non-typical medical phrases such as "only positive results" for Trump's medical exam and "astonishingly excellent" for his lab results.

Gunter also mentioned that Bornstein made the historically unverifiable claim that Trump would be "the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

She speculated: "Did Trump write it? He’ll never tell. It certainly reads like a letter written by someone with close to no knowledge of Dr. Bornstein’s practice or medicine."

Sources:, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Marc Nozell/Flickr

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