Conservatives Hate Government Mandates on Lightbulbs, Except in Abortion Clinics


Remember when Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann got upset because the government was phasing out incandescent light bulbs?  And more recently, when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul demanded the right to use whatever toilet he wanted, regardless of environmental impact?

If only their outrage extended to Kansas, where the Governor is about to sign a bill that will allow the state government to decide how abortion clinics must be equipped and maintained.


Supporters say the new regulations will protect women who seek abortions. Critics note that abortion opponents pushed the bill and believe the goal is to shut down clinics by forcing them to consider expensive renovations. Kansas has three abortion clinics.

The new requirements will include annual, unannounced state inspections.

The measure directs the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to write standards for exits, lighting, bathrooms and equipment. KDHE would issue annual licenses, have the power to fine clinics and could go to court to shut them down.

So, where are the champions for fighting against governmental intrusion now?

Yes, I hear the crickets chirping, too.


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