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Connecticut May Ban Smoking in Cars (Video)

In Connecticut, some state lawmakers want to ban smoking in cars if there is a child under 7 years old riding inside (video below).

"It's going to help," State Rep. Henry Genga, the bill's sponsor, said. "No question about it. When you put a child in, you have a responsibility. The right thing to do is to take care of that child."

According to NBC Connecticut, a first offense will result in a warning, but the second time will involve a penalty.

Opponents say the proposed law is too intrusive and would be hard to enforce.

However, Genga said his supporters in law enforcement tell him it will be as easy to enforce as the seatbelt law.

A 2006 Harvard University study of smoking in cars said that it can produce hazardous levels of contaminants.

Source: NBC Connecticut


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