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Confessed Serial Killer Israel Keyes Commits Suicide After 'Accidentally' Being Given Razor

A serial killer who admitted to multiple murders was found dead in his cell Dec. 2 after he was 'mistakenly' issued a razor blade.

Israel Keyes, the confessed killer in question, used the razor to commit suicide just a few months before he was to stand trial for murder, according to a report released Wednesday by the Alaska Department of Corrections.

Keyes, 34, was charged for the death of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who was killed in February 2012. According to police reports, Koenig was abducted at gunpoint outside of a coffee stand she worked at just before closing time. She was then raped and strangled, and her body was left outside of Keyes’ home in Anchorage for a few weeks while he went on a cruise.

Investigators located and arrested Keyes a month later in Texas after he used Koenig’s credit card and requested a ransom. Her body was found, dismembered, in a lake north of Anchorage a few weeks after Keyes’ arrest.

According to the Department of Corrections report, Keyes had been segregated from other inmates after her had been found with a makeshift handcuff key. His security was heightened following the incident, he was subject to daily strip searches and cell searches, and he was not allowed to possess any razors or pencils.

Despite the heightened security and the constant checks the guards make by looking into the prisoners’ cells, Keyes was able to acquire a razor, slit his left wrist and tie a noose around his neck. He was found at 5:57 a.m. on Dec. 2 and declared dead at 6:13 a.m.

Before his death, Keyes confessed to killing Koenig as well as seven others across the country.

Koenig’s father James doubts that Keyes accidentally got the razor, and has criticized the official report, saying his family was robbed of their day in court.

"I don't think it was mistaken at all," he said. "How do you mistakenly give someone in segregation a real razor blade?"



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