Company Sells Water Filter So Powerful It Turns Coca-Cola into Clear Liquid


A plastic water bottle fitted with a NASA-inspired filtration system by OKO is powerful enough to turn coca-cola into a clear liquid, according to its makers.

But one man who set out to test the device said it was at first a clear liquid when he pumped it out of the bottle, but it soon turned into a brown tinge and tasted like sugar water.

Still, the results are pretty shocking, as a previously dark brown liquid with many different ingredients turns into a clear-like liquid simply by being squeezed through the filtration system.

The filter resides in the bottle's cap.

The man tested it by filling the bottle with coca cola and squeezing it through the top and into a glass cup. As he squeezes, the cup fills with clearish liquid.

"The first streams of liquid were completely colorless, but became tinged with brown as I continued to pour," he said.

"I was a little disappointed that it wasn't completely colorless, but I pressed on. I took a sip and was again disappointed to find that it wasn't tasteless."

Though the device failed the test, the company says it still speaks of the bottle's effectiveness, as it is designed to filter water and not soft drinks.

They sell three different filtration levels.

Level one is carbon based and designed to reduce chlorine and odor, while level two contains more than 400 tiny pores and uses a positively charged electro-absorption process to trap harmful agents.

Level three is made for large volumes of water and is not available for retail.

Sources: Daily Mail,Rocket News


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