Community Pitches In To Buy Medical Device For Toddler

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After the insurance company repeatedly denied one Georgia family coverage for an expensive piece of medical equipment for their son, the community banded together to purchase it.

Paxton McClung, 2, was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia when he was born, which prevents neurons from migrating to the left side of the brain. Paxton now suffers from seizures and has undergone multiple surgeries, Inquisitr reports. As a result of the surgeries, Paxton is often weak and has lost his fine motor skills.

"He had no quality of life," Paxton's mother, Meagan McClung, told WSBTV.

The life-altering piece of equipment Paxton needed is known as a “stander,” which can be purchased for about $4,300. It can be used to hold Paxton in a standing position, which will help him build muscle, bone density and increase joint stability.

When Paxton’s family found out that the insurance company had denied their claim, the Locust Grove community got together and organized a silent auction as well as a yard sale, WSBTV reports. They also organized a GoFundMe page.

"If they didn't see anything they wanted to purchase, they donated so it helped out a lot," Janice Cope, a family friend, told WSBTV. 

The community managed to raise $3,600 from the sales and $3,000 from the GoFundMe page.

Since the family raised more than enough funds, they can now pay for the “stander” in addition to travel expenses associated with transporting Paxton to and from Cincinnati, the site of his brain surgery operation. They are now currently using the GoFundMe page to raise $10,000 for Paxton's other medical expenses. As of this writing, they have raised roughly $3,000.

Sources: Inquisitr, WSBTV

Photo Credit: Inquisitir


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