Coming to McDonald's in France: The McBaguette


So you're in Paris and you're hungry. You want to eat something familiar but you want something on a baguette (you are in France, after all). Well, your food requirements will soon be met -- McDonald's will roll out the McBaguette.

The Daily Mail reports that the 1,228 McDonald's restaurants in France will begin offering the sandwich in April for a limited six-week run. It features a couple of burger patties, cheese, lettuce and mustard on the famous French bread.

"McDonald's is trying to diversify and is aiming at more traditional or older customers," Yves Marin, a senior manager at consulting firm Kurt Salmon, told The Wall Street Journal. "The company is willing to attract those who won't eat the Big Mac."

Whether it will be successful remains to be seen, but when The Journal showed a picture of the burger to one Parisian, she said, "It doesn't quite look like a baguette; a baguette isn't square. But I would give it a try."

The sale price of the McBaguette is expected to be around $6.


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