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Comedian Offers Free Desserts Outside Gym, Gets Threatened (Video)

Scott Rogowsky, a comedian and star of the "Running Late Show" on the web, recently stood outside a gym and offered free pastries to gym goers.

Most people passed, but some people did accept the free sweets with a bit of encouragement from Rogowsky who filmed the prank (video below).

According to his YouTube page, Rogowsky simply wanted to offer people a "reward" for "for a work-out well done."

However, an unidentified gym employee forced Rogowsky to move his table of sweets away from the front door, but he quickly set up his cupcakes and brownies near the treadmills window. notes that Rogowsky sent his production assistant Abe Groenig to offer people free pastries outside the gym, but angry gym goer threatened him, "I feel like I'm going to smash this in your face."

"People are here to lose weight," the seething gym goer added, "Not look like a slob like you."

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