Comatose Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Daughter, Giving Family Hope

A comatose California woman gave birth to a healthy baby girl on Thursday, bringing her baby to full term despite the brain tumor that has left her unable to speak or move. 

39-year-old Melissa Carleton, a San Francisco family therapist, was left in a comatose state at 26 weeks of pregnancy, the result of a seizure brought on by a benign brain tumor. 

Her husband, Brian Lande, has not left her side for a moment.

"I know that being able to love this little guy is going to be a wonderful experience, but I also know it's going to be very hard for me to know that I am going to be the one to hold this baby first," Lande told KFSN-TV before the birth.

On Thursday, the couple’s newborn daughter came into the world. Carleton’s father, John Farrell, said that his daughter had shown more signs of life after the birth than she had in the previous ten weeks.

“In a few tender moments, she reached out to Brian, took his cheek, pulled his cheek down to her face and held it there,” Farrell told ABC News. “It was the first time she had hugged Brian since this trauma happened.”

Carleton was suffering excruciating headaches when the doctors diagnosed her with a benign brain tumor. She wanted to wait until after giving birth to operate, but the seizure forced her to undergo emergency surgery.

The family has high hopes that Carleton will recover after spending time in a rehabilitation facility, where she will be soon be transported.

"She's wanted to have a child for years," said the proud father, who created a page to raise money for his wife’s medical bills on GoFundMe. "Today, I can't begin to tell you how happy we are. It's indescribable."

Sources: KFSN-TV, ABC News


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