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Colorblind Man Sees Sunset In Correct Colors For First Time (Video)

Aaron Williams-Mele, who is colorblind, recently tried on some EnChroma glasses, which enabled him to see a sunset in its actual colors for the first time (video below).

Williams-Mele tried the glasses on at Whitehurst Beach in Norfolk, Virginia, notes

While a friend films him, Williams-Mele says, "It's weird," and appears to be holding back tears.

"I'm shaking," Williams-Mele adds, "It's f---- crazy."

Williams-Mele seems amazed by the real colors of the grass, sky and water.

According to Smithsonian magazine, Don McPherson, a materials scientist, accidentally invented the glasses after loaning his sunglasses to a colorblind friend who suddenly saw better with the tinted lenses.

McPherson and two colleagues started EnChorma Labs and refined the custom-made sunglasses, which help the eyes process three main colors: red, green and blue. In colorblind people, their green overlaps with their red, creating the distortion.

Sources:, Smithsonian Magazine / Photo Credit: Aaron Williams-Mele/YouTube Screenshot


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