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'We Are Absolutely Heartbroken': Colorado High School Student Dies After Eating S'more With Peanut Butter

A 16-year-old Colorado high school student died on Sept. 21 from an allergic reaction after eating a s'more, unaware that it contained peanut butter.

Simon Katz, a student at Chatfield High School, was at his school's homecoming bonfire when another student passed him a s'more, the Denver Post reports. Simon, who was allergic to peanuts, was unaware there was peanut butter in the s'more.

After eating the s'more, Simon became ill and his friends drove him to his house. From there, his father, David Katz, took him to an urgent care clinic. The teen went into anaphylactic shock, and during the drive, his father injected him with epinephrine to try to stop the allergic reaction. 

David told the Denver Post that he gave Simon mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in the parking lot when they arrived at the urgent care clinic before medical staff came out.

Simon was rushed to St. Anthony Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 8:33 p.m.

Jefferson County Chief Deputy Coroner Dan Pruett said it will take about a month for toxicology results to officially determine Simon's cause of death.

Simon's mother, Kyna Saam Katz, wrote on her Facebook page that she has tried to convince school officials to ban peanuts in school since Simon was in preschool.

"Oh, my God, if everyone could learn what anaphylaxis means with any severe allergy, it can be vomiting one second and shock the next," she wrote. "If you ever see this, call 911 immediately."

Simon was planning to go to college in Chicago to study theater and music, his mother told the Denver Post. He played bass in the band Boats Without Oars.

"We are absolutely heartbroken," the band wrote on its Facebook page. "Our bassist, Simon Katz, passed away last night from anaphylactic shock. Simon, you were the most charismatic and amazing kid.

"You made every show we ever played special. This band would be nothing without you and you made it what it is."

The school is distributing ribbons in yellow, Simon's favorite color, in tribute to him and will hold a moment of silence at the homecoming football game on Sept. 25.

Sources: Denver Post, ABC 7 / Photo credit: Screenshot via ABC 7, Facebook via Denver Post


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