Colorado Man Gets Closer To Diagnosis After Medical Mystery Stumps Local Doctors

A Colorado man and his family are finally getting answers about a mystery illness that has plagued him for nearly a year, after a recent trip to Minnesota’s Mayo Clinic.

Jon Curran, 29, was a perfectly healthy father of two, but he now breathes with the help of an oxygen tank and suffers from tremors so severe he has to wear special gloves to keep them under control, KDVR News reported earlier in June.

On May 26, he reportedly woke up with a chest pain so strong that he thought he was having a heart attack. He was rushed to the hospital but tests showed nothing was wrong. 

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“Everything comes back clear, comes back as if I’m totally healthy and fine,” he told KDVR at the time. 

Since then, he has been rushed, by ambulance, nine times to nearby hospitals. 

When he was first visited by KDVR, Curran and his wife, Christina Watkins, said doctors in the Denver area were completely stumped and couldn’t come up with a diagnosis. 

“To have no answers, no plan, no course of action it can become depressing at times,” Curran said. 

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When they met with KDVR at the time, they were preparing for a trip to Minnesota where they would spend a month with doctors and hopefully get some answers.

“If anybody in the world is going to get us answers it’s going to have to be there because everywhere else that we’ve tried, they’ve thrown their hands up,” Watkins said. 

Now, according to a GoFundMe page set up to help the family pay for travel expenses, Curran is at Mayo Clinic and doctors are starting to narrow in on the cause of his symptoms.

A June 23 post on the page says Curran has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome -- a hypermobility disorder -- and fibromyalgia.

The family’s page says they expect more information in the coming days, as they meet with more specialists. 

“The good news is we are beginning to get answers the bad news is Jon is worsing (sic) as this is all happening. Requiring oxygen and a wheel chair at this point,” the page reads. 

Sources: KDVR News, GoFundMe/Jon’s Medical Journey

Photo Credit: Screenshot from KDVR News


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