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Colorado Cops Paralyze Man, Demand That He Walk (Video)

A police body camera video (below) from Dec. 7, 2015, surfaced in mid-June 2016, showing cops in La Junta, Colorado, causing the waist-down paralysis of an innocent man.

In the video, Donovan Duran is yanked out of a van by La Junta Police Sgt. Vince Fraker, and slammed on his neck, notes The Denver Post.

Duran, who is handcuffed, is then grabbed by the neck by Fraker.

"I stopped! I stopped!" Duran pleads on the video.

"Get up!" an unidentified cop yells at Duran who is laying on the parking lot concrete of the Arkansas Valley Medical Center.

Both officers repeatedly tell the paralyzed man to stand up.

Fraker and the other officer then drag Duran to the ER entrance, which goes against all known protocol for someone who has suffered a neck injury.

In another part of the video, the officers slam Duran into a wheelchair and Fraker grabs Duran by his neck to keep the paralyzed man in place.

Duran told KOAA in December 2015 that he was strapped to a gurney and ignored by officers, and that a doctor at the Arkansas Valley Medical Center did not believe he was paralyzed.

"He [the doctor] said, 'Get up' and I told him I really can't move, I don't know what's wrong with me," Duran told the news station. "So he picked me up from behind, stood me up, he let go, and I just dropped straight to the floor."

The Mayo Clinic website states: "If you suspect a back or neck (spinal) injury, do not move the affected person. Permanent paralysis and other serious complications can result." 

Duran, who had a broken neck and an injured face, was transported via helicopter to a hospital in Aurora, Colorado, about 12 hours after being detained, reports The Denver Post. Duran was still in hospital, paralyzed, as of June 14, and doctors are not sure if the former MMA fighter will walk again.

In April, a grand jury said that Duran's fractured neck and paralysis "cannot be the basis of any criminal charges" against Fraker or the other officer.

According to a grand jury, Duran did not obediently comply with the officers when he was ordered out of the van and tried to put his handcuffed hands in front of himself.

Family members of Duran originally called police because they believed him to be drunk and needing help. Duran was never charged with any crime.

Duran had been taken to the hospital twice before by police, according to Duran's family.

Duran filed a federal lawsuit on June 13 against the city of La Junta and Fraker.

"Fraker’s use of excessive force as described above herein was outrageous and shocking to the conscience, in violation of Duran’s substantive due process rights," the lawsuit states.

According to Bill Jackson, of La Junta’s public safety department, an internal investigation of the incident is still being conducted by an outside agency.

WARNING: Graphic video with disturbing scenes

Sources: The Denver Post, KOAAMayo Clinic / Photo credit: La Junta, Colorado Police Department via YouTube

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