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Mom Says 911 Operator Helped Her Save Choking Baby

A Colorado mom is crediting a calm voice on the other end of an emergency call with helping her save her son during a recent choking incident. 

Nicole Bechtle is sharing her story because she wants to encourage other parents to learn CPR, NBC News reported. 

Bechtle said she had just finished feeding her 3-month-old son, Zane, last month when he choked and stopped breathing. 

“I don't know how long it was,” Bechtle said in an interview with KUSA News. “It felt like an eternity, it was probably two seconds, but he started turning different colors of blue.”

Bechtle called 911. 

In a recording of the call, the dispatcher from West Metro Fire Rescue in Lakewood can be heard calmly asking Bechtle about Zane’s condition. Portions of the recording were recently posted to West Metro Fire Rescue's Facebook page.

“I’m just kind of freaking out,” Bechtle tells the 911 operator.

“That’s OK,” the dispatcher calmly responds. “Now listen carefully I'll tell you how to do chest compressions.”

Bechtle, whose son was born premature, was reportedly trained in CPR before she left the hospital with him. But, she said, he didn’t immediately respond to the chest compressions last month. It was the calm voice of the dispatcher and her reassurance that Bechtle credits with getting Zane to start breathing again.

The operator has not been named in news stories. West Metro Fire Rescue shift supervisor Rebecca Fuller told NBC the woman was just doing what she was trained to do. 

CPR “takes time to actually be effective and so we need to keep reassuring them that help is on the way and they have to keep doing what they're doing,” Fuller added. 

When Zane begins to cry in the recording, both women can be heard expressing relief. 

“That cry that most people would find annoying was like ‘ahhh’ to me,” Bechtle told KUSA. “I knew he was going to be OK at that moment.”

Bechtle and West Metro Fire Rescue are sharing the story to encourage new parents to learn CPR. Bechtle told KUSA she has even contacted state leaders asking them to consider requiring parents to learn CPR.

Sources: NBC News, KUSA News, Facebook: West Metro Fire Rescue

Photo Credit: KUSA News,


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