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Colonoscopy Uncovers Diamond Worth Nearly $280,000

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Doctors in Bangkok, Thailand, discovered during a colonoscopy that a Chinese tourist had a stolen diamond worth $277,515 hidden inside of her.

According to Police Colonel Mana Tienmaungpak, doctors removed the six-carat diamond from a woman’s large intestine after noticing a foreign object inside her upon police investigation.

The woman was given medical attention after natural methods and laxatives failed to get the diamond out.

Both the woman and a Chinese man were arrested on Thursday at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, after surveillance video showed the duo switching the real diamond for a fake one at a fair outside of the city.

Both suspects initially denied involvement, but X-rays uncovered the diamond inside the woman and she ultimately confessed to the theft. 

Sources: The Australian, Sky News / Photo credit: Wikipedia 


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