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Colombian Model Natalia Paris Claims Chicken Turns Boys Gay

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A Colombian model is under fire this week for trying to explain how men turn gay. Apparently, it’s because they eat too much hormone-injected chicken.

“Because of that, the boys that are eating [that kind of] chicken, because they are injecting female hormones, are starting to turn into homosexuals,” Natalia Paris said on Colombia’s Caracol TV.

She then extended her health lesson, explaining that girls between the ages of 7 and 10 are going through puberty earlier than ever because they too are eating poultry injected with all sorts of hormones.

Paris is known for saying particularly outrageous things, but this one hit a chord with every community.

The president of the National Federation for Colombian Poultry Farmers, Andres Fernando, Moncada called Paris’ claim ‘rubbish.’ Moncada also explained that ridiculous statements from famous people such as Paris should be taken with a grain of salt.

"When you hear this kind of a statement from a public figure like Natalia Paris, we must express our total outrage," Moncada said to Blu Radio.

Sources: Fox News, Huffington Post


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