College Sophomore's Sudden Death Shocks Classmates (Video)

A Georgetown University student eerily tweeted about feeling like she was dying just days before sadly losing her life to meningitis.

Andrea Jaime, 19, a sophomore at Georgetown University, tweeted, “This is what dying must feel like,” last Friday, and by Tuesday, the promising college student had died. Prior to her death, reports say that she was complaining of a 105-degree fever.

"Andrea was very passionate, very charismatic, animated, a lot of people loved her," said friend Victoria Borneman. "She was in my English class and she was amazing. We always criticized each other and made each other better."

Borneman says that everyone who knew her is genuinely shocked that she died so suddenly.

“She was walking around and greeting all of us like usual,” Borneman said. “[The news] was very shocking, especially because—someone who [was] so alive, it just really didn't make much sense.”

The university says they are awaiting test results to see what kind of meningitis killed Jaime, but they are still taking steps to make sure that those who were in contact with her before she died did not contract the deadly disease.

"This is difficult news for the many members of the Georgetown community who know Andrea,” said school officials in a letter to students. "Georgetown officials have been in touch with Andrea’s family and will continue to provide support and assistance to them. Please join us in remembering Andrea’s family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this time."

Andrea Jaime was on track to graduate from the nursing program at Georgetown in 2017.

Sources: NY Post, WJLA, NBC Washington


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