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Colleges Offer Freshmen Orientation - for Overprotective Parents

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The AP reports that colleges around the country are holding two- and three-day orientations for families of incoming freshmen -- giving workshops, tours and speeches on subjects like letting go and campus safety.

Some colleges even suggest that parents pick up a book or two on their freshman's required reading list to help them relate.

Northern Michigan University plays phone calls for parents similar to ones they might one day receive: a girl telling her parents she'll be spending Thanksgiving with her new boyfriend; a boy confessing he's not doing well in school; a girl saying she's homesick and lonely.

At Northeastern University in Boston, "at least 85 percent if not 90 percent of students have parents that also attend our programs," says spokeswoman Katherine Cadwell.

Indiana State University at Terre Haute spokesman John Beacon says, "We recognize there are lots of helicopter parents. Rather than try to limit their involvement, we embrace it."

Do you think college orientation for parents is a good idea ... or is it going too far?


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