Colin Fiedler Brought Back to Life After Being Dead for 40 Minutes

A man who was dead for 40 minutes and then brought back to life is an advocate for a new technology that allowed doctors to bring his breathing and heart beat back. 

Australian man Colin Fiedler, 39, suffered from a heart attack in June. When paramedics arrived, he told them to take him to The Aflred, a medical facility in Australia. That request was what saved his life, as the facility is the only one that has a two-part mechanical resuscitation technique.

He was given the choice of one other hospital as well, but was determined to go to The Alfred.

"For some reason, I said The Alfred, which is pretty lucky because they are the only one that has it," he said.

Fiedler was considered dead for 40 minutes, but upon arrival at the hospital, doctors got to work on bringing him back to life.

They used a mechanical CPR machine in addition to a portable heart-lung device to bring him back to life.

The CPR machine, known as AutoPulse, is used to deliver continuous chest compressions. Doctors combined that with the heart-lung device that maintains blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other vital organs.

This technique is currently undergoing testing at The Alfred, in Melbourne. It is on its second year of testing and has revived three patients from death. The three patients were dead for 40 to 60 minutes.

It is called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and is unique as it is able to reduce the likelihood that permanent damage is sustained from a cardiac arrest.

Professor Stephen Bernard, the hospital's intensive care physician, said the system has proved to be remarkable at reviving patients from death.

Fiedler said he was extremely lucky to have chosen The Alfred and plans to live a healthier life.

Sources: Inquisitr, Fox


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