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Experiment Shows Difference Between Coke And Coke Zero (Video)

A video has emerged online demonstrating what happens when you boil down classic Coca-Cola versus Coca-Cola Zero (see below).

The two-minute video clip -- which was uploaded to YouTube by Home Science -- shows bottles of Coke and Coke Zero each being poured into a frying pan and placed over a burner.

"In the experiment, a regular soda was first tested in high heat," Home Science wrote in the video's description. "Boiling the beverage will take away the water from the regular version. After 20 minutes of stirring and letting the soda boil in the nonstick pan, the sugar found in the product caramelized, leaving a ton of sugar on the pan."

The resulting puddle of sugar looks like molasses and appears to have a similar consistency.

Home Science then did the same thing with Coca-Cola Zero.

"After the regular soda bottle, the sugar test proceeded with no-sugar soda," they explained. "It was also subjected to very high heat until it boiled and the water was gone."

Once all the water evaporated, there was nothing in the pan except for some residue that had become stuck to the surface.

"There is still a bit of sugar on the pan, but it is so negligible compared to the result of boiling regular soda," Home Science wrote.

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In 2016, Coke Zero was modified and rebranded by Coca-Cola Great Britain as "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar" after research found that 50 percent of consumers didn't realize the beverage was sugar-free.

Announcing the change on its website, the company stated that the new and improved product would "taste even more like the original Coca-Cola ... but without sugar, and will be supported by a [$10.5 million] marketing campaign designed to get more people to choose no sugar."

Coca-Cola Great Britain General Manager Jon Woods explained the company's decision with the following statement:

For years we have offered people a choice -- every brand we sell has a great tasting no sugar version.  Since 2012 our commercial strategy has focused on accelerating the growth of our no sugar options. We know that millions of people love the taste of Coca-Cola and have been working to refine the recipe of Coca-Cola Zero to match the taste of the original, but without sugar. It’s the biggest investment we’ve made in a new product launch for a decade and will give people the great taste of Coca-Cola Classic but without the sugar.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar has not been made available in the U.S.

Sources: Home Science/YouTube, / Photo credit: thetaxhaven/Flickr, Home Science/YouTube via Daily Mail

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