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Coffee for Sleep? If It's Homeopathic, Yes

It sounds crazy that consuming coffee could help you sleep – but homeopaths say it works. Coffea cruda, or a diluted substance containing tiny amounts of unroasted coffee beans, works as a remedy for insomnia, as well as teething pain, labor pains, menopause, headaches, tinnitus and toothaches.

It’s said to calm the racing thoughts and restlessness that often come along with not being able to fall asleep.

Even if you’re looking forward to something exciting and happy, rather than staying awake due to stress or anxiety, sleeplessness can still be frustrating. Coffea cruda can help. It can also assist you in falling asleep if you’ve drunk too much caffeine before bedtime.

If you manage to drift off into dreamland, but your sleep’s light and easily disturbed, this remedy is said to work well too. Coffea cruda comes in granule or pellet form.

Teething babies can benefit from coffea cruda, too, especially at night when their teething pain disturbs their sleep. Hyland’s teething tablets contain this homeopathic remedy. They’ve been recalled recently, because they contained inconsistent doses of homeopathic substances, but you can still use coffea cruda: just talk to a doctor and a homeopath before giving your baby any substances.

For that matter, adults should also seek medical and homeopathic advice before taking coffea cruda, just to be sure it won’t conflict with any medicine you’re already prescribed, or any condition you may have.

Originally published on GrannyMed


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