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Cocaine Found on 92% of Public Baby-Changing Tables

Is nothing sacred anymore? A study out of the United Kingdom found traces of cocaine on 92% of public baby-changing tables. Yes, baby-changing tables. Yes, 92%.

According to The Telegraph, a team of journalists from Real Radio spread out over the North West region of England and took samples from more than 100 tables in public bathrooms at malls, hospitals and churches, among other places.

The report, called "Cocaine Unwrapped," found that more than nine out of ten of them had traces of cocaine.

One mother said on the show, "I was taking cocaine in my dinner times in the toilets. I was coming back off my head. Coke came first, my child came second.''

"'Cocaine Unwrapped' has revealed some shocking results. Cocaine use has become much more widespread and the figures you have revealed illustrate that," Shadow health secretary Andy Burnham told Real Radio.

Cocaine abuse is said to be on the rise in that area, and last month the UK was named the cocaine capital of Europe. Nearly 5% of Britons admitted using cocaine over the past year.


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