Coca-Cola Addict Paul Inman Dies After Lungs Swell to Four Times their Size

A man who was extremely addicted to Coca Cola died in March after his lungs swelled to four times their normal size.

Paul Inman, 30, was a British man. He suffered from a massive pulmonary edema in his sleep at his Yorkshire care home.

Doctors believe he died as a direct result of his Cola addiction.

A large among of fluid had built up in his lungs and stopped him from breathing properly. The condition was known formerly as dropsy.

Inman had Asperger's syndrome, and would be seen walking to many stores throughout the day to buy Cola drinks.

He walked so much throughout the day that he would often go through two pairs of sneakers in a week.

Inman struggled with addictive behavior, and could not be given full packs of cigarettes as he would smoke all of them in just an hour.

His mother, Alison, said, "I've said the cause of it was he drank excessively. He had done since he was 10. We used to say he had a self-destruct button."

Dr. Deirdre McKenna, a pathologist, confirmed Alison's beliefs when she said he died from excessive drinking.

Sources: NY Daily News


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