CNN Reporter Horrified by Lack of Ebola Screening in Atlanta Airport (Video)


CNN's senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen recently flew back to Atlanta from Liberia where she was reporting on the Ebola crisis.

Cohen told HLN host Robin Meade today that she and her CNN crew were stunned by the lack of screening by the TSA at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (video below).

“I said, ‘I’m a journalist, I’ve come back from Liberia, I was covering Ebola,’ and the gentleman who was helping me, he started to hand my passport back and say, ‘Welcome home,’” Cohen recalled.

“But instead he said, ‘Oh wait a second, I got an email about passengers like you, hold on a second,’ and he went and conferred with someone and they conferred with someone else and in the end he said, ‘You need to watch yourself for signs of Ebola,’ and I said, ‘What am I watching for?’ and he couldn’t tell me,” added Cohen.

“Now is if that weren’t bad enough," said Cohen. "I was traveling with two colleagues, a photojournalist and a producer, and they weren’t told anything. They also said that they were journalists who’ve been covering Ebola. So we were all kind of shocked and pretty horrified at the lack of screening in U.S. airports.”

CNN reported today that President Obama is calling for additional screening procedures.

"We're also going to be working on protocols to do additional passenger screening, both at the source and here in the United States," President Obama said today. "Here in the United States, at least, the chances of an outbreak, of an epidemic here, are extraordinarily low."

While Fox News continues to generate hysteria based on non-scientific claims, Wired states, "...until a person is showing signs of being sick—with symptoms like fever and nausea—they are NOT contagious... Scientists estimate that one person infected with measles can transmit the disease to as many as 18 others; for Ebola, that number is around two."

Sources: Wired, HLN, CNN


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