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CNN Reenacts Jodi Arias Killing Her Boyfriend Travis Alexander (Video)

CNN re-created the alleged murder committed by Jodi Arias on Tuesday, with a full-scale model of the house where the murder reportedly took place (video below).

Arias originally claimed that she had no idea who murdered her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Then she stated that intruders may have committed the grisly crime. Eventually she said she did it in self-defense.

HLN’s Ryan Smith played the part of Alexander in the re-creation,

Crime scene investigator Joe Morgan played the part of Arias, who he believes stabbed Alexander in the back nine times during a shower.

Morgan and Smith claimed that Alexander got out of the shower and eventually bled to death on the floor of the bathroom.

"That is unbelievable stuff,” gushed CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield. “It’s the stuff you see in prime time television nightly, dramatized.”

It has actually been dramatized before by their co-workers, like back in March when HLN's Mike Gallanos demonstrated Arias' story with his own video re-creation, notes


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