Clint Bench Suing Six Flags After Being Kicked Off Aquaman Splashdown For Having No Hands

Clint Bench of Weatherford, Texas, is suing Six Flags Entertainment Corporation in Dallas federal court. According to his lawsuit, Bench insists that Six Flags violated the Americans With Disabilities Act last summer when it refused to let him on the Aquaman Splashdown ride at Six Flags Over Texas because he has no hands.

As reported by Dallas News.com, Bench went to the park last May with his children and attempted to board Aquaman Splashdown, only to be told by a Six Flags employee that he had to exit the ride. The reason Bench says he was forced off the attraction is “because he does not have hands.” The complaint goes on to say that “this caused Mr. Bench considerable embarrassment, as his children had never seen anybody discriminate against him due to his lack of natural hands.”

When he was a child Bench’s arms “stopped forming at the distal ends of the radius and ulna,” and as a result, “he has no fully formed hands.” He hasn’t let the impairment stop him from living a normal life and has never needed or desired the aid of prosthetics.

At the time that Bench tried to board the ride, Six Flags’ Guide to Rides & Attractions did not contain language saying that potential riders needed hands or the ability to grasp in order to go on Aquaman Splashdown. Now the guide has been changed to include that caveat.

According to Bench’s suit: “The ride itself has not changed. What has changed is that Mr. Bench complained, and in response Defendant changed the policy to reflect what they incorrectly told him was the policy at the time he was kicked off the ride.”

Six Flags’ spokesperson, Sharon Parker said she had not seen the suit. “But generally,” she added, “we don’t comment on pending litigation.”

Source: (Dallas News.com


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