Easy, Healthy Snacks for Kids - and You

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It's tough enough to get your kids to eat, let alone make it healthy. But here are a few healthified ideas to try. Plus, the more you involve your child, the more appetizing the food becomes!

• Banana wheels - Slice bananas and put a stick pretzel in the middle of each slice. The kids can pick up their banana and eat the handle too!

• Peanut Butter on apple or banana slices.

• Frozen Juice Pops - Use 100% natural juice (no sugar added). Pour into dixie cups or fun shaped ice cube trays, add popsicle sticks and freeze. Mini-healthy popsicles.

• Fruit Kabobs - Cut up fruit and again, use stick pretzels in them to grab and eat.

• Mini- Pizzas - Choose whole grain bread or a mini-bagel and spread a bit of spaghetti sauce and sprinkle some low fat cheese, toast and voila! Have them help make them for added appeal.

Frozen grapes -  They're like mouth-size popsicles. Fun to eat!

• Frozen Banana - Stick a popsicle stick into a banana (or half a banana), spread with light coating of peanut butter, roll in chopped nuts and freeze!

On the treat side, dip a banana in chocolate, and repeat steps above!

• Smoothies - Grab a blender, throw in some fruit and low-fat yogurt and a bit of ice and you have a healthy treat.

Take control of your kids' nutrition. Have them ask permission for snacks, and monitor what and how much they eat. No one, not even kids, can eat whatever they want and stay healthy. It's not just their outside body we need to keep an eye on, it's the insides that matter most.

 Good Luck!


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