Classy: Lakers Andrew Bynum Caught Parking in Handicapped Spot


Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum is often injured -- he has managed to play just one complete season thus far in his six-year career. Still, he should be healthy enough to walk across a parking lot. However, he has allegedly been caught parking in a handicapped spot.

KNBC-TV says photos of the seven-footer parking in a handicapped spot in Playa del Rey in Los Angeles were taken by an L.A. Parking Enforcement officer. Not only was he parked in one spot, he was also blocking a loading area for disabled passengers.

The station said it caught up with the 23-year-old Bynum and asked him about it. He reportedly slammed his car door and took off.

But the DMV is talking.

"It’s a terrible image and perception when something like this happens,” DMV deputy chief Vito Scattaglia said after seeing the pictures. "That does infuriate me, because there are those people that truly need that space."

The station confirmed that Bynum has not been issued a placard or license plate that would legally allow him to park in a handicapped spot.


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