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BarWorks: Butt-Kicking Ballet-Style Workout

It’s been one of those weeks. You know the ones where you get appointment times wrong, get off at the wrong subway stop, and misplace your mittens when it’s 18 degrees outside.

Despite these things, I have some fun workouts on my schedule. Yesterday, I took a BarWorks class at the YogaWorks studio in Soho. I love the YogaWorks studio in my neighborhood. In fact I chose it as my workout location for my “New Year” workout.

This was my first time in the Soho studio and my first time taking BarWorks.

When I think of a “barre” class, I think teeny tiny small movements that burn like crazy. I think of flexible dancers and former dancers. I think of pain and I think of how bad I am at these exercises.

The BarWorks class wasn’t full of teeny tiny movements. It was packed full of full range of movement exercises. The exercises were still challenging and my form wasn’t so great.

Class Description: “Class integrates balance, strength and flexibility using your own body weight and the support of a ballet bar. Core stability is emphasized to support precise movement, followed by stretching.”

The class utilized Gliding Discs, a portable bar, weights, blocks, yoga strap and yoga mat. It was a total body workout, with an emphasis on core work.

What I liked about the class:

  • Full-range-of-motion exercises
  • Core movements that were challenging, but doable. (I really struggle with Bar Method/Core Fusion style ab workouts, to the point I just want to bail on that part of the workout)
  • Clear instructions from the instructor (Mine was Holly Jean)
  • Beautiful workout space

BarWorks is currently only offered at the Soho studio, which is almost exclusively a membership based yoga studio. Non-members are allowed to take drop-in classes for a fee once per month. Currently the other YogaWorks studios are not exclusively membership based. If you’re looking for a yoga studio to join for unlimited yoga, YogaWorks offers affordable options compared with other studios and offers an endless number of classes.

Thank you YogaWorks for inviting me to try out this great workout!


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