Circumcision has Many Benefits, Says American Academy of Pediatrics

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Changing its stance on the controversial subject, the American Academy of Pediatrics says there are positive benefits to circumcision in newborn boys.

The Daily Mail reports that research has proven that circumcision leads to a reduced rate of HIV infections and other sexually transmitted diseases. Additional benefits include a lowered risk for urinary tract infections and penis cancer.

The finding was published in Pediatrics on Monday but the group believes the decision should be left to the parent or guardian of the child.

The group previously stated that the procedure, normally performed on newborn boys, provided no significant medical benefits.

Costs for the procedure range from $200 to $600 according to estimates by the Center for Disease Control and Convention.

Due to recent changes by Medicaid in several states and insurance companies, parents and guardians might have to pay the expense themselves.

Current circumcision rates in U.S. are at 1 million per year.

A recent U.S. study predicted that due to dropping circumcision rates in the past few years, illnesses will add a $4 billion health care cost in the future.

Opponents consider the procedure merely cosmetic surgery without consent, with a recent attempt at banning circumcision in San Francisco.


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