Cinnabon Unveils New Roll: "Pizzabon"


As Domino’s loses its grip on the pizza industry, Cinnabon steps in. Yes, Cinnabon, as in the restaurant that makes cinnamon rolls. If you’ve ever wondered how you could have a pizza and a cinnamon roll at the same time, wonder no longer: Cinnabon has now created a Pizzabon.  

The Pizzabon is only available at the Cinnabon “test kitchen,” which is located in Atlanta’s Cumberland Mall. But if it proves successful, you can look forward to Pizzabons coming to your neighborhood in the near future.  

It includes all of the ingredients pizzas typically have, like cheese, pepperoni, and tomato sauce, except this version of pizza is made in a Cinnabon circle instead of a slice.  

On Saturday from 11am to 2pm, free Pizzabons will be handed out to customers at the Cumberland Mall. Other pastries and sandwiches will also be tested here.  

To explain what prompted such a unique idea, Karen Bremer, Georgia Restaurant Association executive director, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “you’ve got to innovate to satisfy the demands of old customers and create some new ones.”  

Domino’s pizza seems to agree with Bremer’s opinions on innovation, as the restaurant chain just released its new logo, which surprisingly includes no pizza. The logo reflects the company’s attempt to take their menu in another direction.  

“So much of our menu is beyond pizza right now that we feel like we’re more than just a pizza place,” Domino’s chief marketing officer Russell Weiner told AdAge.


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