Cindy Reutzel is Surrogate Mom for her Daughter's Baby

Cindy Reutzel, 53, became a surrogate mother for her infertile daughter Emily Jordan, 32, and gave birth to a baby girl a week ago in Chicago, Illinois.

Jordan was diagnosed with cervical cancer two years ago, while pregnant. To save her life, Jordan had a radical hysterectomy, which cost her the baby and any future children.

Jordan told the Daily Mail: "I can't describe what that was like after finding out you have cancer, after finding out your chance of ever carrying a baby is gone."

However, her mother offered to act as a surrogate mother. Jordan initially responded with skepticism: "We didn't really think that was a realistic option."

But doctors were able to implant an embryo, created with an egg from Jordan and sperm from her husband Mike, into Reutzel's uterus.

Reutzel said: "The thought of Emily and Mike not being able to have children and share that piece of their lives with someone just broke my heart."

As Reutzel got further along in the pregnancy, people started asking about "her baby," but Reutzel would explain that she was actually carrying her grandchild.

Just days after Emily turned 32, baby Elle Cynthia Jordan was born.

Even though the procedure required hormone shots for several months, Reutzel said she would do it again: "When I watch both of them hold that baby and look into her face, it's like everything I could have imagined wanting for them, better than I could have imagined.
This is what it was all about for me."


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