Woman’s Skin Condition Drives Her To Point Of No Return (Photos)

A nurse committed suicide because she could not live with having psoriasis. 

Hollie McEwen, 28, committed suicide by hanging in her home. Her family believes it was her chronic psoriasis that led to her suicide.

“Her condition played a large part in what she decided to do,” said Hollie’s father, Andrew. “She was a beautiful, vibrant young woman who felt she couldn't deal with the condition. She felt this was the only way out.”

Hollie was first diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin disease characterized by red, scaly patches, papules, and plaques that usually cause itching, when she was 12 months old. At that point, however, treatment kept it controlled.

It later reappeared due to stress and caused Hollie to suffer from depression, reports The Daily Mail. She killed herself just two days after seeking treatment for depression.

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(via The Daily Mail)

“Her skin condition played a large part in her problems as a teenager and when older I feel this was at the root of all the problems,” said her mother Wendy.

Hollie had undergone treatment for psoriasis over the past two years, including hospital stays and steroids after suffering from anxiety attacks.

Letters Hollie wrote to her loved ones were found in her home.

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(via The Daily Mail)

"Hollie left a letter to me and her dad saying she could be at peace now,” Wendy said.

Hollie sent a note to her neighbor, Elaine Lunn, asking her to contact emergency services so her family would not find her body, reports The Mirror.

“I believe she had planned it,” Lunn said. “There was nothing to suggest prior that she was going to do anything like this. I feel totally distraught.”

The night before her death, Hollie visited with her father.

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(via The Daily Mail)

“She was a happy, young woman who enjoyed her work and social life but she kept everything very close to herself. We had a good laugh on that last night and there was no indication she was unhappy,” Andrew said.

"This has left a huge hole in our family. I still can't understand why this has happened,” Wendy said.

Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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