Christian Sues Doctor For Diagnosing Her Praying as Mental Illness


An unidentified woman is suing a Cleveland doctor for allegedly claiming her prayers and Bible reading were a form of mental illness.

The woman filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and Dr. Saraj Brar in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, notes Courthouse News.

The woman, who calls herself a "Pentecostal Christian and a self-published author of books about God and spirituality," claims to have been fasting when she became disoriented at a local gas station on the 15th day of her "Biblical fast."

The woman says she was taken to the St. Vincent Charity Medical Center's emergency room and then involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward, reports UPI.

She claims that Brar diagnosed her as suffering from bipolar disorder with psychotic symptoms.

"Dr. Brar and other St. Vincent's staff characterized [her] religious devotion as evidence of mental instability, making repeated references to her 'religious preoccupation' and noting [her] Bible reading and audible praying as evidence [of] mental illness," the suit said. "When [she] refused to take anti-psychotic medications prescribed by Dr. Brar, defendants sought continued involuntary commitment through the Cuyahoga County Probate Court."

The woman is suing for false imprisonment of five days and violation of patients' rights.

Normally, a person can only be involuntarily admitted to a psych ward if the doctor has a reasonable belief that the person is a danger to herself or others.

Sources: UPI and Courthouse News


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