Christian Radio Host Supports Anti-Sodomy Law to Stop Spread of HIV (Audio)


On the Tuesday broadcast of the "The Janet Mefferd Show," the Christian host praised Jamaica's new anti-sodomy law.

Mefferd agreed with her guest Peter LaBarbera, who claimed the anti-sodomy law would help stop the spread of HIV in the island country, noted (audio below).

LaBarbera, of the anti-gay Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, was upset that the US government was encouraging Jamaica to repeal the law.

"That makes about as much sense as passing out condoms at a homosexual bath house," stated LaBarbera. "It makes no sense, but that's what we're doing to these poor small countries."

LaBarbera went on to claim that countries with sodomy laws have less HIV cases, but did not provide any supporting evidence.

He also said that the Centers for Disease Control reported that 94 percent of young men who contract HIV in the US do so via male-to-male sex. While LaBarbera is right about the report, the CDC does not recommend anti-sodomy laws. The CDC does recommend using a condom during anal sex, and limiting or avoiding anal sex.

According to a 2012 study by the Global Commission on HIV and the Law, countries with laws against homosexuality are actually wasting funds and resources against the spread of  HIV/AIDS by driving gay people underground.

The study, entitled HIV and the Law: Risks, Rights and Health, said that laws that protect human rights increase the global AIDS response, reports

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