Christian Radio Host Compares Immigrant Children to Lepers (Audio)


Sandy Rios warned listeners on her American Family Radio program this morning that undocumented immigrants (mostly children) are diseased, and compared them to lepers in the Bible.

Rios repeated the claims of and other conservative media that have quoted anonymous sources that warn of the mass spreading of tuberculosis and other diseases from child immigrants. While some of the children are ill, these hysteria claims have been debunked by doctors, noted the New Republic.

Rios, who opposes Americans getting health care via Obamacare, called for the immigrants to be quarantined like lepers used to be, noted (audio below).

"They are going to be transmitting, they can't help but transmit these diseases to the population," stated Rios. "That's our children."

“I think of biblical times, the lepers were separated, right or wrong, they were separated,” added Rios. "It was understood that leprosy was so contagious. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting to separate your children. We used to quarantine people when they had diseases.”

However, Rios didn't mention that Jesus healed and touched a leper in the Bible, Matthew 8: 1-4.

"Most of the migrants are coming in from south Texas, when they get here by plane or by bus, they are immediately given a medical screening by Customs and Border Protection agents," El Paso Sector Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero told KFOX 14. "If there is an issue, they are taken to the hospitals, if not, they are turned over to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. They have to be medically cleared before they are turned over."

"Everyone is covered under MedPAR, it's a federal program run by ICE," added Cordero. "That's how we pay the hospitals. We screen everybody; If there's something our medics can't take care of, we have to take them to the hospitals."

Rios made no mention of the MedPAR program, but kept up her dire warnings.

“We have been such a healthy people that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be diseased and die from those diseases in huge numbers, but we’re going to learn, I think, again," warned Rios.

"In fact, we know, now, that the TSA is actually allowing illegals to fly in the same planes that you and I fly in without any verifiable I.D., any whatsoever," lamented Rios. "... So they're allowed to get on airplanes and fly. They are given more privileges than American citizens."

Rios forgot to mention the immigrants (mostly women and children) are being escorted by armed U.S. Border Patrol and ICE agents.

Sources:,, KFOX 14, New Republic, (Image Credit: Mike Schinkel)


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