Christian Historian David Barton Says People Don't Need Obamacare, Just Bible Reading (Audio)


On his radio show "WallBuilders Live" today, debunked Christian historian David Barton claimed that people do not need Obamacare, but rather should read the Bible when they need health care (audio below).

Barton compared the Bible to a car instruction manual that people do not read until something breaks down, reports

After interviewing author Frank Newport, Barton said, "I thought it was really cool that he pointed out that the more religious your are, the better your health is."

"Instead of passing Obamacare, why didn't we pass a bill calling on people to be more religious and therefore help health over all?" asked Barton. "That's the benefits of using God's word and applying God's word. It does provide tangible, measurable benefits, not the least of which is health."

Barton did not cite any Bible verses that supported his claim that reading the Bible will keep one physically healthy or cure ailments.

Barton's latest book "The Jefferson Lies" was recalled last year by its publisher because of factual problems, reported USA Today. Barton has always maintained that his book is correct.

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